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Welcome to Safe House Fire and Safety. We are a company born of over 40 years combined day to day Fire Fighting industry experience. We have a passion for limiting the amount of destructive force fires can have on our community, your investments and most of all your loved ones. Within our company we also have over 15 years of Real Estate experience and we keep up to date with the lastest legislation to protect the assests of our clients. We also understand the need for fast efficient service all within a budget and with a minimum of disturbance to the clients. We have qualified electricians who specialise in RCD and Smoke Alarm installations and these trades also have many years of real day to day Fire Fighting experience, to give you the best results in todays market.

Why Choose Us.

Do you know that you only require an electrician for the relocation or initial placement of the alarm? In many case electricians that are inexperienced in fire travel are placing detectors in the wrong spot, costing the owner money to relocate or the tenant their safety as nuisance detctors are often disabled by tenants. We have fire qualified electricians and fire qualified service personell to give you the best service possible. We keep records and photos for all service conducted to keep Landlords and Agents current with their legislation requirements. Call us to see how we can use our knowledge to help you.

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" We found Safe House to be very knowledgable in both the field of Fire Protection and Real Estate . This gave us the ability to work together on a professional level and give our clients the best possible service available. Most of all it gave peace of mind to all. We would recommend Safe House to anyone looking for a reliable professional service in this field".

Narelle, Licensee/Director 3L Realestate Scarborough.